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About anna * pollack

Anna Pollack, designer, costume designer and fighter for a better future

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About anna * pollack

Fashion isn’t good for our world; it makes clothes worthless once the season is over and the trend gone; it all too often means work that is badly compensated and takes place under dispicable circumstances; it is consumation without sustainability or compassion. 
Anna Pollack’s clothing is the opposite of fashion. 
Every garment is well-conceived und a symbol of true love: for our planet and our children, who hope to live on it for a long time to come.

My initial inspiration

was my first child. I noticed how fast a baby outgrows its romper. The reason was always the same: the pant legs quickly grew too short. The off-the-shelf sleeping bags were also very unsatisfactory. “Every time I lifted my child, the thing would punch up to its ears.”

As a free-lancing costume designer with many ideas and even more remnants of fabrics it didn’t take me long to come up with the solution for both problems: the Pucksack. In it my child could do both, kick and sleep. Everything fit and that for as long as my child was a baby 🙂 Thanks to a broad and soft belly band the baby no longer slipped into the sleeping bag. Even the expansive cotton diapers easily fit into it. Its siblings also profited: they could skip my experimentations and directly slip into the Pucksack. Everyone wins with that one.

The Pucksack was the beginning of a childrens clothes collection, which offer on markets all over Austria and which stands for sustainability. Soon, however, there were protests: Why are there no pirate trousers for adults? Are we not allowed to live in comfort as well? And I decided they were right.


a collection exists for children and adults alike. Above all else my collection follows the mindset that we have to live our lives responsibly. That means using our resources with care, limiting the trash we produce and showing respect towards every human being.

Anna Pollack